The key differences in the American accent seems to be the speech pattern or intonation, the way they do pronounce certain letters, or don’t pronounce certain letters.
These are:
American intonations – ‘T R O L I’ concept
There are certain letters in the alphabet that Americans pronounce differently. This is in comparison to the international norm of SE (Standard English). These letters are ‘T’,‘R’, ‘O’, ‘L’,’I’. Depending on the letter and the position in the word, emphasis or ‘sound change’ may occur.
American Reductions
In everyday, spoken American, many people shorten or reduce sound in words. For example people may reduce singing to ‘singin’ – the final ‘g’ is missed out. There are several very common reductions used by the majority of the population which makes people sound “American”.
Speed – 140-160 words per minute
Americans speak slowly relative to most nations. There is also a difference between North and South US States in terms of speed. The Southern areas speaking at a slower rate. (E.g. Southern drawl). This pace of communication in the USA generally makes it easier for the listener to understand what is being said.

Shorter sentences and words
Americans tend to use fewer words in their sentences. They also use words with fewer syllables. This is perhaps due to a society that appreciates clear, direct communication. This results in easier-to-understand communication for the listener.

More word emphasis, intonation and pronunciation on words and phrases
Due to slower pace of speech of most Americans, there is a noticeable emphasis on pronunciation of the different parts of word syllables. This usually results in clearer understanding for the listener.

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