American Conversation

• U don’t open conversations with a “Hello” but with a “Hi”
• The telephone is never ‘engaged’ it is ‘busy’.
• U don’t ‘disconnect’ a phone, U simply ‘hang up’
• U never have a ‘residence’ tel no, U have a ‘home’ no.
• Your tire never ‘punctures’. U may have a ‘flat’
• In hotel, you no long ask for a ‘bill’, you ask for a ‘check’.
• U never ‘post’ a letter, U always ‘mail’ a letter
• “#’ is not a hash, it is a ‘Pound”
• U R not ‘disgusting’, U R ‘sick’
• U don’t try to find a ‘Lift’, U find an ‘Elevator’.
• There is no ‘zero’ but’o’ and no “z” but “Zee”
• You don’t say “How do you do?”, you say “How you doin?”
• U don’t call your boss “sir”, U call him by his “first name”
• In Short, U don’t speak “English”, U Speak “American”.

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