Voiceless 'Th' Sound

This sound can be spoken out by pressing your tongue between you upper and lower jaw and gently blow air through it.
Most of the times this is confused with the “S” sound. And most of the
times, we tend to use the “T” sound instead of the voiceless “th” sound.
The following pairs show the way words sound when the consonants are not properly pronounced
Thin-Sin, Thaw- Saw, Thank – Tank
Practice the sentence
They were threatened by the think thin theory until they thoroughly thought it through

Death Thicket South Thirty Thrift Birthday
Throat Thrill Thesis North Thorn
Thrive Thatch Thursday Threaten Throttle
Thistle Throne Thanks Thing Pathetic
Practice sentences:
Cathy is too thin
I’m thirsty
Arthur will be thirty on Thursday
A rose has thorns
Thanks for everything
Voiceless ‘th’ occurs in content words
Thought Wreath Sheath Teeth Bath

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